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Automate rental property inspections

With Formup, you can automate move-in and move-out apartment inspections, insurance inspections, apartment condition checks and tenant surveys.

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What is Formup?

Formup is a service that you can use to automate inspections related to renting. Send reports to be filled out by the tenant and receive reports made of the apartment to your e-mail or the system you use.

Formup is perfect for companies who are responsible for managing multiple rental apartments.

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Involve the resident in inspections of the apartment

When the tenant changes, the rental apartment condition may have to be inspected up to three times. With Formup, you can ask the tenant to do a preliminary inspection in advance.

Inspections performed with Formup include:

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Move-in and move-out inspection
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Insurance inspection
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Cleaning reports
Empty rental apartment managed with Formup
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Formup can be integrated with any system. You don't have to learn to use a new system.

Save time

Reduce time spent on making reports - increase your productivity!


We process data using modern technologies. We always comply with data protection requirements and GDPR when processing personal data.

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